Marketing Resources & Articles

By Mara Roberts

Use Programmatic Advertising to grow enrolments

If you want to run effective ad campaigns for your school that can help you to reach new audiences and let potential parents know what makes your school unique, without manually selecting from an extensive list of platforms and placements, programmatic advertising is the answer.

A case for search Ads

If you want to start capitalizing on this number of daily searches and earn the attention you need to grow your enrolments, then search ads are a great way to complement your other marketing efforts!

How iOS 14 is affecting your Facebook marketing

Apple announced changes with iOS 14 tracking that has had an industry-wide impact on businesses that use mobile apps and web conversion events to optimize, target and report. This has impacted the way in which Facebook is able to receive and process conversion events from tools like the Facebook pixel.

School Prospectus Design

Is your school prospectus getting families across the line to enrol at your school, or is it just another brochure that is filled with details of your college’s programs? Today’s article is an all-in-one guide to everything you need to know to put together an outstanding school prospectus design from the content and creative concept through to the distribution.

5 Steps to a Successful Independent School Marketing Plan

Have you ever written your independent school marketing plan only to dust it off halfway through the year and realise you are nowhere near on track? Or maybe, that your plans were a little out of touch or unrealistic? This article will take you through a framework of thinking so that your school’s marketing plan is actually applied.

Online Marketing For Schools

How is it that some schools seem to have ongoing success with the smallest of campaign efforts while other schools can work as hard as ever but never seem to reap the result and cut-through they are looking for? In my experience, the difference lies in the perception that your audience has about your school.

Private School Marketing Strategies

What private school marketing strategies do you have in place? The strategies are the key to targeting an audience who is actively looking to enrol their child in a private school, resulting in a much higher return on investment.

SEO For Schools

SEO for schools may be the biggest untapped potential source of enrolments for you. Search rankings are continuously changing and so is SEO practice. This article is a comprehensive go-to article for school marketers that includes everything you need to know to start out in SEO for schools.