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Primary School Website Design Ideas

Nowadays, the first impression of your school doesn’t happen at the front door – it’s on your school website. Just like any organisation, a primary school is expected to have a website that accurately represents their education institution.  

Your school website design could make or break the overall image and reputation of your school, potentially hurting your enrolments. The best primary school website design give a glimpse into the school’s offering and community spirit.  

The key information every primary school website should have

While there’s no doubt that a great school website design encourages website visitors to stay on your school site, ultimately, it’s the content that sells your school.  

Primary school website content has 2 main elements: Visual and written content

  • Visual content, which come in the form of photos, videos, and graphics.  
  • Written content, of course, is the text and words used to tell your school’s story throughout your site. This comes in the form of call-to-actions, headlines, blogs, and paragraphs.  

While the type of content used on your site are obvious, what we want to focus on is how you use them. On average, website visitors only read 20% of text written on your page.  

People aren’t reading your content, they’re scanning it – especially if they’re using their phone! Your school’s webpages are primary real estate that should be used to its maximum potential.  

Primary School Website Design

International Grammar School’s website is an example of a great primary school website design. They were able to capture the essence of a childlike atmosphere. They were able to balance the use of their branding style while keeping the information easy and accessible.

Their website is also intuitively designed. With call-to-actions are strategically placed to help guide prospective parents to find the information they need without unnecessary searching.

 Remember, a bare minimum, the content your primary school website design should have:

  • Parents hub. Make the necessary information that parent’s wanting to see instantly accessible. This includes fees, enrolment procedures, open days, school tours, and contact information.  
  • Proven statistics and proof of claims. It’s one thing to say your school’s the best, and another to have the data to prove those statements. Add real examples of how great your school is by sprinkling student and testimonials across your school website.  

Up to date, professional school photos and videos  

Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words. Your school’s images have a powerful impact prospective enrolees and will leave a lasting impression on parents’ minds. When prospective parents are looking at your primary school website, they want to know: 

  • What your school and facilities really look like now. Show off your school campus, any unique facilities. A great way of doing this is through video. Videos help capture the essence and vibrancy of your school environment like no other medium can.  
  • Are the students happy. Including student photos on a website is crucial for parents eager to gauge their child’s happiness and sense of belonging, offering a glimpse into their educational experience. These images speak volumes, reassuring parents of their child’s wellbeing. 

We love how Saint Margaret College uses visuals on their primary school website. Instead of a static image, they’ve created a video narrated by a student, showcasing a day in their life with great shots of classes and activities. They’ve manage to effectively communicates an authentic and engaging preview of what life at the school entails without relying on lengthy text, making it a smart and engaging choice.

If you’re thinking of updating your school visuals, whether it’s through photos or videos, we highly recommend investing in a professional school photographer to help prospective families envision what to expect from your school.  

What makes YOUR primary school different  

When you’re thinking about your primary school website design, don’t forget to let people know what makes your school different from all the others out there.  

You want to really show off the amazing stuff your school does, like any special programs you offer, unique teaching methods you use, and the facilities you have.  

Don’t forget to mention any awards your school has won, and share what parents and students have to say about their experience there. By doing this, you’re not only making your school look great, but you’re also helping families see why they should choose your school over others. 

Work with specialists in Australian primary school website design and school branding  

Remember, it’s your school and your story. Your primary school website design should shine for all parents and guardians to see.  

Roberts Digital is a digital education design agency, focused on building outstanding primary school websites, along with effective school marketing and branding solutions.  

Right from the start, we prioritise visual and creative thinking, collaborating closely with you and your team to boost your school’s online presence.  

We at Robert Digital will build a high impact, feature-rich primary school website design to communicate the unique values and vision of your school. Contact us today to learn more.  

Questions regarding this article? Please email me at mara@robertsdigital.com.au

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