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Brand and Marketing Audit for School Branding Strategies

The complete Brand and Marketing Audit for School Branding Strategies will ensure that your institution has the necessary mechanisms in place to broaden awareness and attract new families, convert more families over to enrolment, and retain more students.

Roberts Digital will work with you to build a solid foundation for your marketing and enrolments processes; ensuring consistent brand application across the group of schools while exploring new opportunities for growth with a Brand Strength Analysis. The Digital Marketing Readiness Audit will ensure readiness for digital marketing growth strategies with industry best-practice and infrastructure.

Roberts Digital will work with the marketing and enrolments teams to recommend processes that will give customers a consistent experience in their enrolments process and increase conversion from inquiry to enrolment. The Alumni Engagement report will give you recommendations on how to best engage Alumni in the life of the College while creating life-long advocates for your institution.

Included Audits

  • Brand Strength Audit
  • Brand Application Audit
  • Digital Marketing Readiness Audit
  • Marketing and Enrolment Process
  • Alumni Engagement Report

Brand Application Audit

Serving as the basis for your school branding strategies, the brand application audit will give you a complete view of your brand’s representation across your campus and better inform your school’s branding strategies. The findings of this report can best be used to correct inconsistencies in brand representation, increase the professionalism of the brand, and to standardise marketing practices across all colleges.

Included Audits

  • Corporate branding guidelines
  • Consistent campus naming and terminology
  • Written style guidelines
  • Logo and icon application
  • Design style and feel
  • Marketing collateral (prospectus, brochures, and annual reports).
  • Fonts and typography
  • Imagery
  • Use of graphic elements

Brand Strength Audit

The Brand Strength Audit will give you an understanding of your institution’s awareness with local parents and the perception that families have about your educational institution. Focus Groups and Survey’s will be conducted with both external “cold” audiences as well as parents both in a round table focus group with a select few and an online survey for the broader community. The findings of this report can best be used to address any brand positioning issues and to increase the retention and satisfaction of current families. Independent surveys and focus groups will be conducted with a mix of parents from selected colleges and early learning centers. These findings will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your school’s existing branding strategy and identify opportunities for future expansion.

Included Audits

  • Six in-person parent focus groups (A mix of campus types – mainstream, early learning and special education).
  • An online brand survey for parents covering all campuses.


  • An online brand survey for staff; covering all campuses.
  • A local community awareness and perception survey – targeting the local demographic of each campus.

Digital Marketing Readiness Audit

The Digital Marketing Readiness Audit will outline an action plan to set up the digital marketing foundations for each site. The audit will highlight ‘holes in the net’ and assist you to take advantage of any missed opportunities. It will enable your institution to leveraging the multiple sites for the overall benefit of each individual site and lower the overall cost of your digital spend per enrolment acquisition. Our audit will include:

Included Audits

  • Websites and domain consistency
  • Use of mobile friendly platforms
  • Broken website content and links
  • Facebook Business Manager setup and access permissions
  • Online enquiry forms
  • Email database and segmentation audit
  • EDM Templates
  • Social media posting policies and guidelines
  • Social media pages and profiles setup
  • Facebook Pixel Installation
  • Google Ads Tag Installation
  • Complete Google Maps listings

Marketing and Enrolments Processes

The Marketing and Enrolments Processes Audit will enable the College to implement best practice processes for marketing the College and nurturing enquiries through to enrolment. This audit is key to operating your school branding strategies, setting the foundations for conversion optimisation and lead generation.

The findings of this report can best be used to increase the number of enrolment enquiries received, increase the conversion rate from enquiry through to enrolment and improve the experience that prospective families have with your college.

Included Audits

Review of the enrolments process including:

  • The enrolment’s team follow-up process
  • Recommendations for your enrolments database
  • Enquiry and tour booking forms
  • Enrolments collateral
  • College Tours and USPs
  • Email automation and follow-ups

Marketing sysems and processes:

  • Development of event advertising best practices and guidelines
  • Social Media Posting policies and procedures
  • Templates for common assets
  • Skills assessment and marketing training requirements

Alumni Engagement

The Alumni Engagement report will provide you with a roadmap for establishing an effective alumni community that is well connected and engaged as ambassadors for your institution.

This practical report will provide recommendations across the following areas:

Included Audits

  • Audit of the Alumni audience and potential
  • Alumni database and contact information research
Suggestions for launch of an Alumni Program including:

  • Events
  • Communication and publications
  • Committees and ‘roles’
  • LinkedIn connections and communications
  • Social Media groups and pages
  • Staffing requirements

What Sets Us Apart?

  • We specialise in Niche Industries.
    Our team has worked in your role and been in your shoes. That means we know what it takes to get an enrolment across the line, and we can hit the ground running.
  • We’re boutique.
    No juggling 50+ clients per team member here. We prefer the long-term steady approach, and every client means the world to us.
  • Personal, regular and frank marketing chats.
    We’ll schedule in a monthly meeting time and provide you with our direct line so you can chat to us any time you want. Every school that works with us becomes better at what they do.
  • A fully in-house marketing team.
    We won’t pass the buck and outsource your work. You’ll get to know the people working on your campaigns.
  • Transparent reporting available 24/7.
    We’ll provide you with live access to a marketing dashboard that shows you so much more than reach and link clicks, but actual tour bookings and enrolments.
  • We look after your whole campaign, not just the ads.
    We look after your whole campaign, not just the ads. That means we will create the campaign plan, audience research, creative, copy, landing pages, optin forms, email automations and so much more.
  • You will get a dedicated team member.
    Our account manager’s full-time role is to look after you. They’ll be thinking for you and suggest campaigns for future promotions before you even need to get to it.

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