Media Placements Across Australia and New Zealand!

Campaign Types

Combine your ads into one campaign across providers! Affordable and On-demand!

Our Media Buyers can help you access Australia’s widest network of advertising.

Instead of talking to a salesperson, you’ll chat to a marketing strategist that will advise you on your campaign creative, messaging, location, frequency, and complimentary campaigns.

Detailed Targeting

Pinpoint your ideal audience based on user behaviors, Interests and demographics.

On-demand Bidding

Our media buying team can help you to win strategic placements across multiple advertising networks.

Cost effective

Chat to our team about your budget – premium and last-minute placements tare available. Campaigns start at $1,000.

Design Service Available

Creating a great video ad, animated display ad or Billboard is part of our daily work and we would love to create something spectacular for you.

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Outdoor Media

Billboards | Bus Shelters | Shopping Centres | Flag pole banners

Roberts Digital bids for ads in real-time when and where we can, per your campaign settings. Don’t get stuck with an over-priced billboard from a single supplier. Roberts Digital Media buyers have access to live bidding across providers. We’ll suggest the top performing locations and give you a mix of locations to match your campaign objectives.

Our media buying team can bid for billboards spaces live and campaigns can go-live within a day. This gives you the flexibility to respond the market quickly and adapt your strategy as you go.You can have control over the schedule (Only display your ad during peak times) and go live withing 24 hours!

digital tv advertsing

Digital Television Ads

On-Demand | Free to Air | Catch Up | YouTube

Gone are the days where TV advertising was just for big national budgets! Digital TV has taken advertising to the local level on-demand platforms. The possibilities are endless and we’ll help you put together a hyper-focused campaign for your objectives. With Programmatic digital advertising you can target by:

  • Location
  • Interests
  • Gender
  • Demographics
  • Behaviours.

Digital TV ads are quick to produce with up to 30 seconds to get your message across. It’s the perfect way to boost your local presence, brand searches and trust!


digital tv advertsing

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What can we do for you?

Our Clients have consistently said that Roberts Digital’s services are their highest return on investment. Get a team of expert marketers actively working on your marketing. If you are thinking about marketing campaigns, we are offering a discovery call to take you through some of our best campaigns and show you what is possible.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Sean Morrison

Principal, Brisbane Christian College

Working with Mara was always aspirational and solution based. Mara continually produces high-quality strategies with no maintenance required.  From 2012 – 2017 ISQ identified our College as the strongest growing private school in Brisbane.

Mel Farley

Director of Marketing, Gippsland Grammar

Mara is a committed and talented professional who is uniquely positioned to understand the challenges of marketing in the education sector. Authentic, dedicated and 100% current in the use of social media and content marketing. Gets results.

Justin Lippiatt

Business Manager, Cooloola Christian College

I just wanted to thank Mara for all her excellent work in assisting us with our new website. Her strategic perspective ensured our website has all the functionality required to measure the effectiveness of our marketing efforts and ROI.

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