The flexibility of digital billboards & outdoor media

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In the world of modern marketing, the age-old billboard should never be overlooked – and with the digitalisation of these advertising tools, it’s never been easier to get brand visibility through programmatic outdoor media!

This week, we’re taking a look at how you can use digital billboards and outdoor media to up your marketing strategy.

The Opportunity

Digital billboards and outdoor media are an amazing way to increase your audience engagement and get your message seen by the right people. By implementing the correct strategy, you can pin-point your ideal audience, achieve the optimum location for your campaign with on-demand bidding, and design eye-catching and unique creatives.

The Benefit

Buying your billboard spaces on-demand means that you can get your campaigns up in a matter of days and adjust the strategy as you go! Digital billboards also allow for eye-catching animations, videos and even integrate real-time data. In fact, studies have shown that 65% of people found digital billboards to be one of the best ways to learn about an organisation.

Programmatically booking your billboard will also reduce the cost of your campaign because billboard owners will compete to have your ads placed on their boards.

How to Do It

Once you have your target audience and creatives ready to go, here are some tips you can use to get the most out of your digital billboard and outdoor media campaign:

1. Mix your inbound, outbound and local exposure
You may think that we should always go for a bigger billboard in high-traffic locations, but this is not always the best strategy! Try to cover your inbound traffic with large sites on main roads and then ‘go deep’ by targeting local spots such as bus shelters, waiting rooms, and local shopping centers. This will give you the perfect coverage for your campaign as well as the best cost saving.

2. Consider the locations
Billboard and outdoor media advertising has so many great locations for you to consider. You’ll find excellent visibility at bus shelters and train stations along city exit routes, as well as food courts at shopping centres. Gyms have also been known to offer fantastic success rates, and with most gymgoers averaging around 1 hour visit, you can guarantee your campaign is achieving great visibility.

3. The best times to advertise
Peak hours offer you some of the best visibility when optimising digital billboards and outdoor media, it’s the time when traffic (both on road and on foot) are at their heaviest. That being said, experts suggest the afternoon peak hour as the ultimate time to get your message out, as people are more relaxed on their way home as opposed to the morning rush. It’s always best to consider the location in this decision, for example, if you choose to advertise in the food court at the shops, meal times would be the best time to have your campaign on display.

It is the flexibility to adapt your campaign that makes programmatic outdoor so powerful!

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