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There is no substitute for quality photography when it comes to marketing your school!

When it comes to marketing your school, photography is perhaps the most crucial element, and the most often overlooked. Creating high-quality marketing materials that showcase and sell your school is impossible without images. When given the attention it deserves, photography can help elevate your school online and in print. Here are just a few reasons why schools should be dedicating more effort towards photography. 

Your advertising only has a few seconds to capture a prospective parent’s attention and nothing is better at quickly grabbing attention than photographs. Using quality photographs on your blogs, marketing campaigns, and online materials will stop parents in their tracks and make them pay attention to your message.

Photography is also useful because it can help convey that message. Images don’t have to replace text, instead, they can summarise or emphasise it. A great photograph is powerful, spreading a message or an emotional punch with a single glance.

Finally, original photographs lend credibility and are a no-brainer for schools wanting to project a professional or confident image to parents.

There is a definite place for original photography in your school’s digital marketing, whether it’s done by your own staff, or a professional partner.

School Photographer

Meet Dee!

Having been a Photographer for eleven years, I have loads of experience with a wide variety of people, both young and old, and both confident and nervous in front of a lens. I also have years worth of experience photographing conferences and corporate events and I love bringing a more relaxed and happy vibe into those environments which takes the edge off of a sometimes stressful environment.

I love my job, jump at every opportunity that is presented to me, and pride myself in a fast efficient turnover of images, and high quality of work. I use all opportunities to learn more about my craft, and also love meeting new people from all avenues of life. I am very bubbly, fast-thinking, proactive, not short of wit, and can ninja my way through any situation.

Available locations: Australia & New Zealand including Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Peth, Newcastle, Canberra, Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch

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