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There’s no doubt that schools need an online presence.

A professional website will answer people’s objections to your school. It will collect contact details to build a list of credible leads. It will also help you build credibility and gain trust with your audience.

My number one tip for your school’s website is not just an online brochure that displays information for people about your school. It is actually a sales tool. People’s interaction with your website should lead them closer to enrolment.

How do I build the perfect school website?

The perfect website should be built by both marketing and design professionals, not just one or the other. Your website should measure key metrics such as visitor numbers and searched keywords that resulted in visitor inquiries. This can be done using Google Analytics, heat maps and click tracking.

Your website should also be updated weekly with relevant new information. This will ensure that you remain on the top of the search rankings.

Many business owners say that managing a website is too time-consuming. I recommend a systematized approach where you update your content weekly in a manageable way. This way, you won’t have to update huge amounts of content each time.

Your website should look great, but you should also consult a marketing professional to make sure it’s optimised as a sales tool. Test and measure everything that you do on your website. You want to know which pages are more popular, which content is working and which isn’t, where are people clicking and looking on your website? Continually update your website to make sure you rank favourably.


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