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When it comes to marketing strategy, reducing costs and bringing in quality enquiries is the ideal goal. One way to achieve this goal is by focusing your budget on a more qualified audience for a greater chance of conversions and reduced ad spend waste.

This week, we’ll take a dive into the benefits of targeting Lookalike Audiences and how this strategy can help your organisation hit budget and conversion goals.

The Opportunity

Lookalike Audience targeting is a marketing strategy used to connect your organisation with new prospects whose behaviours and characteristics are similar to that your existing audience. Your Lookalike Audience targets people through those who have converted, meaning these new prospects are more likely to be quality leads to your campaign.

The Benefit

Targeting your Lookalike Audience is a great way to improve your conversion rate by expanding your reach to a more accurate audience. This strategy not only gives you a greater return on investment through precise targeting, it heightens the likelihood of conversion. By creating your Lookalike Audience based on an established audience segment, you can guarantee the efficiency of your campaign. Simply analyse the best performing creatives and copy used on your existing audience and use these successful ads as inspiration.

How to Do It

Follow these steps to create an impactful campaign targeting your Lookalike Audience:

1. Establish your Lookalike Audience
Start by identifying your “seed audience” – this should be built off your existing audience – those who have shown desirable behaviours and interactions with your organisation, ideally, those who have converted. Once your seed audience is identified, analyse their behaviours and characteristics to create your lookalike audience. Include characteristics such as demographic information , interests, online behaviours, and purchase history.

2. Find the right platform
The majority of advertising platforms (including Meta, Google, LinkedIn and Programmatic Ad Platforms) can help make targeting your Lookalike Audience a lot easier for you. Choose the platform that best suits your organisation and campaign goals, and upload your seed audience data. This allows you to make use of your chosen platforms algorithms to identify and target your Lookalike prospects.

3. Keep up-to-date
Be sure to analyse and optimise your campaign consistently, ensuring your Lookalike Audience is up-to-date. By monitoring your Lookalike Audience campaign, you’ll stay on top of evolving audience behaviours and can adjust any targeting options that need optimising, improving the overall efficiency of your campaign.

Targeting your Lookalike Audience is a fantastic marketing strategy, enhancing conversions and providing a greater return on investment by honing in on the more quality leads for your campaign.

To learn more on how to create an impactful campaign using a Lookalike Audience, contact us today or submit an enquiry here.

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