Live Chat To Engage Enrolment Enquiries

Mar 22, 2020

School marketers are looking for ways to keep their prospective families continuously engaged. Chat is the perfect way to do this and there are so many chat platforms available. We’re not talking about the sort of chat you do on your phone, but more direct messaging that is done directly on your website or within the Facebook messenger platform. Chat features can be done live where a staff member messages directly with the prospect, or automated where artificial intelligence is used to interact with your prospect based on their enquiry.

Today we want to highlight the benefits and functionality of using Facebook Messenger Chat to offer live chat and show you how an automated chat bot could help you build email, sms and messenger opt-ins and engage parents when your registrar is offline. 

There are many reasons why live messaging is so beneficial to schools, but especially during this time where social distancing is being implemented. School marketers are often concerned that they will not have the availability to cater for the demand for live chat, but your chat feature does not have to be live all the time. There are several benefits that Messenger chat offer to help you manage how you chose to run the feature, particularly in this time of school closures:

  • Registrars can manage the chat functionality from home or the office
  • You can have set hours of availability
  • You can have multiple admins/team members manage enquiries that come through
  • Your team can receive email and messenger notifications when someone wants to chat.
  • You can run enquiries through a chat bot when no team members are available. This bot will collect their name, email, phone number and year level/s of interest for later follow-up by the team.

Messenger chat can be incorporated directly into your website enrolment enquiries page in a few ways including a chat bubble on the bottom right of your page, a slide in or modal box or a button that takes visitors to Facebook messenger.

Additionally, visitors can be stepped through a chat bot – a sequence of messages that are based on the users response. Examples include showing a different message if your registrar is online, customising content based on their year level of interest, booking tours directly through messenger and much more!

With so much functionality and options it can be hard to imagine the potential, so we’ve put together an example enrolments landing page with a chat bot. Feel free to have a play and see how the chat bot responds differently based on your reply. 

View the demo page here:

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