Google Ads For Schools

Google Ads For Schools

We are always looking to find clever new advertising techniques that work, and while I would never advocate basing your business on one marketing mechanism, many people do use Google Adwords as a main source of new leads.

Why do people use Google Adwords? If you had to ask your clients what tools they use during the day, no matter if they are a stay-at-home mom or an executive, they will probably say Google. Google Adwords allows you to advertise on the search results page, and on websites.

How do you set Google Adwords up? I give you this advice with a word of caution, always use a professional when setting up your Google Adwords account, or get professional training. It can get very expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing, and if you don’t know how to convert those clicks into paying customers. There are basically three main kinds of Google advertising tools.

  • Search advertising – if people type into Google and match your keywords, your ad can appear above the search results. Choose keywords that potential customers might search for on Google and group your keywords into similar terms.
  • Display advertising – banners appear on websites and apps, allowing you to target customers wherever they are.
  • Remarketing – a tool which lets you show ads to people who have visited your website and is relatively easy to set up.

Small business owners have a limited budget, and they are often concerned about the cost of advertising. With Google Adwords, you are in control. You can pause campaigns at any time, and you can also set click limits so that you don’t go over your budget each day. You get to measure conversions, and you can measure if you are getting return investment for every single dollar spent.

My action points for you are to get a professional or get training and test and measure your campaign, don’t just let it run without measuring and testing your return and investment. Thanks for reading and I encourage you to try out Google Adwords.

How to promote a school on social media

How to promote a school on social media

Social media marketing is vital to your school’s strategy, but before you can get started you need a social media plan. It takes time but is a very valuable process that can contribute a lot to your school’s success.


00:09 Take out your calendar
01:42 Building your audience
03:55 Structuring your advertising
04:36 Top of funnel
06:07 Middle of funnel
06:59 Bottom of funnel
08:10 Conversion pixel
09:06 Marketing Mastery for Schools podcast

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Online Marketing for Small Business

Online Marketing for Small Business

Online Marketing for Small Business

A complete marketing plan should utilise a mix of both online and offline marketing activities. Gone are the days where you can rely solely on word of mouth, a brochure or a repeated marketing technique to attract new customers. When you repeat old techniques, they become stale and less effective over time.

I have a client who used to rely on leaflet distribution for getting new customers in their local area, as they measured their marketing effectiveness, they noticed that their leaflet distribution was getting less effective over time. That’s because they were sending out the same ad to the same audience and it was no longer productive. For a full marketing strategy, you need to have both online and offline techniques that are continuously evolving.

Small businesses can start online marketing by getting a website that is clear and articulate and answers the questions that customers have. Once you have a website that’s working for you, you can dip your toe into strategies such as Facebook advertising, Google advertising, banner ads on related websites and directory listings.

It is important that small businesses measure everything, budgets are tight and you need to know what is working for you and what isn’t. You can use Google Analytics to measure your website visitors. You can use click measuring to see what people are clicking on.

How do you set up online advertising? First, you need to determine what your sales path is. Do people first give you a call, answer a few questions and then sign up for a trial or do they buy a smaller product before buying a larger product? You need to write out your sales process. Then you have to design your website around your sales process. Have a website where people can easily contact you. You can have information sheets and product information. You can have free consultations by the telephone or Skype so that people can make contact with you to answer any questions that they have. Answer all the common questions or concerns on your website so that as people weed through and work through your website, they’re reducing their indifference and concerns.

Always collect contact details or email addresses on your website by offering a signup form that gives them something of value that is related to your product. Always have clear contact details. I generally recommend having a telephone number on the top right-hand side of the page and a clear contact form that is the last item on your menu. That’s where people expect to see it.

If you’re only a small business, you may be wondering if online marketing is for you. The online arena now means that small businesses can compete for the same customers as large corporations in an affordable way. It has opened up opportunities that have never before been available and every small business should take advantage of them.

In closing, I recommend that you get online with your website and measure it. Measure all your online marketing activities and your advertising so that you know what is effective and how you can continuously improve your marketing efforts.

Marketing Websites – Managing Your School’s Online P …

Marketing Websites – Managing Your School’s Online P …

Marketing Websites – Managing Your School’s Online P …

There’s no doubt that schools need an online presence.

A professional website will answer people’s objections to your school. It will collect contact details so you can build a list of credible leads. It will also help you build credibility and gain trust with your audience.

My number one tip for your school’s website is that it’s not just an online brochure that displays information for people about your school. It is actually a sales tool. People’s interaction with your website should lead them closer to enrolment.


How do I build the perfect school website?

The perfect website should be built by both marketing and design professionals, and not just one or the other. Your website should measure key metrics such as visitor numbers and searched keywords that resulted in a visitor enquiry. This can be done using Google Analytics, heat maps and click tracking.

Your website should also be updated weekly with relevant new information. This will ensure that you remain on the top of the search rankings.

Many business owners say that managing a website is too time-consuming. I recommend a systematized approach where you update your content weekly in a manageable way. This way you won’t have to update huge amounts of content each time.

Your website should look great, but you should also consult a marketing professional to make sure it’s optimised as a sales tool. Test and measure everything that you do on your website. You want to know which pages are more popular, which content is working and which isn’t, where are people clicking and looking on your website? Continually update your website to make sure you rank favourably.