Marketing Resources & Articles

by Mara Roberts

How iOS 14 is affecting your Facebook marketing

Apple announced changes with iOS 14 tracking that has had an industry-wide impact on businesses that use mobile apps and web conversion events to optimize, target and report. This has impacted the way in which Facebook is able to receive and process conversion events from tools like the Facebook pixel.

Email Marketing Automation for Business

In part 2 of our Email Marketing Series Kelly and I talk about how business owners can save a lot of time and get great results with email automation. Enjoy! Your email vision and routine just makes a huge impact on your success and before you even send out your first...

Being yourself as a business owner with AMBER LUDWIG

In this videocast I chat to Amber Ludwig, founder of the multi-six-figure business No Guts No Glory Enterprises about being yourself in business, it's not just more enjoyable, it's actually good for your bottom line! This is Mara Roberts. Today we are speaking about...