Marketing for Small Business – How to Get Customers

by | Nov 17, 2017 | Blog Posts, Business, Marketing | 0 comments

Marketing for Small Business – How to Get Customers

by | Nov 17, 2017 | Blog Posts, Business, Marketing

Small business owners need an innovative approach to their marketing, and they need to take a different approach to large corporations. They need to be innovative and cost-effective in their marketing so that they can get market share in an industry. Small business owners typically are in charge of their marketing themselves instead of working through an agency, and therefore they need the skills and expertise to market their business and get customers.

Marketing for a small business is often less focused on branding, and more focused on call to action marketing. A call to action requires an immediate response such as call now or book now. Call to action marketing is based around a conversion event, such as a phone call, a free consult, or a product demonstration. Call to action marketing is measurable in a short time frame.

How do you set up marketing for a small business? The first thing to do is to get traffic to your website or interest in your business. The next thing is to build your lead list. Instead of putting it on the phone and not having any details, or having people visit your website but not having any details, further from that you need to build your email list. Once you have your list, and you’re building interest in your business, you then need to create your conversion event that you’re going to be driving your interested leads to.  The next thing is that you need to close. You need to learn how to close the sale at the conversion event, and then you also need to focus on up-selling to your current clients and keeping them happy.

Many business owners don’t have the expertise they need to create a successful marketing and sales funnel. That is why you should work with someone that can help you with a hands-on approach, and provide you with training and expertise so that you can learn as you go.

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