Marketing a Business – Business Survival Guide

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Marketing a Business – Business Survival Guide

by | Nov 22, 2017 | Blog Posts, Business, Marketing

Why is it important that business owners know about marketing and business? In the modern day and age, gone are the days where businesses didn’t need to market and could rely on their location alone, word of mouth or referrals. Businesses really need to know how to market their business in order to survive. Marketing should be part of your daily business routine. What’s involved in marketing a business? Marketing a business involves building general awareness and also digging deep into a targeted market and building relationships with your audience.

Above-the-line marketing incorporates branding and awareness strategies and can be seen as a spray of awareness to a large audience. Media such as television and radio are perfect examples of above-the-line marketing. Below-the-line marketing is where you dig a little bit deeper into your targeted audience. You know your targeted audience and the messages that they want to hear. It’s reaching them where they’re at. These are mechanisms like social media and direct mail. Every business should have a marketing plan that incorporates both above-the-line marketing and below-the-line marketing. This will ensure that you can reach your audience and engage with them on a level that will build a relationship with them.

How should you set up your business marketing? The first thing is to always work according to a marketing plan. Even if your plan is simple and details of a few key events or promotions for the year. It’s important to have a plan that will keep you on track. If you are just starting out, start with a small campaign based around a time of year or a specific promotion. This way you’ll be able to measure the results within a short time frame and take your learning’s on to bigger campaigns later on. Many business owners simply feel that they can’t afford to take part in marketing, that’s why they rely on word of mouth and their personal networking and cold calling. But, I believe that businesses can’t afford NOT to market.

Marketing is essentially buying a customer. The more you put into marketing, the more customers you’ll have. Marketing is one of those areas where you can show return investment for every cent spent. That is why it is important that you measure all of your efforts. Invest in your marketing so that you can get customers. It as simple as that. You cannot afford not to be marketing. When starting out a big chunk of your income should go into marketing and growing and expanding your business.

My simple actions steps that you can take are to first develop a clear, simple plan that you can follow and then continue to measure your results and see if you’re meeting your targets. I also have services that help business owners market their services or product. I can give you consulting on email marketing, social media, Google AdWords, search visibility, media buying and a whole lot more services. Be sure to book a consultation in which I’ll help you draft your marketing plan and get you started with your marketing.

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