Mara Roberts

Mara is a passionate Schools’ marketing specialist and the Director of Roberts Digital – a Digital Marketing agency for Education. She implements creative, results-driven digital campaigns for her school clients, authors a weekly schools marketing blog and runs Australia’s biggest Schools Marketing Facebook Group – Marketing Mastery for Schools.

Mara has an Honours degree in Marketing Management, has worked with over 50 schools in marketing and admissions, mentors school principals and marcomms professionals and frequently provides training to enable school professional to implement industry leading strategies.

Articles Written By Mara Roberts

10 Creative School Website Design Ideas

research has shown that parents do A LOT of their research online. If your marketing strategy were a car, your website would be the engine because all roads point to your website in this digital age. I’ve seen too many expensive advertising campaigns lead to a poor website and we often are unaware of the loss because of it.

Google Ads For Schools

We are always looking to find clever new advertising techniques that work, and while I would never advocate basing your business on one marketing mechanism, many people do use Google Adwords as a main source of new leads. Why do people use Google Adwords? If you had...

How to Launch a Successful Leaflet Drop Campaign

I’ve always had a saying when it comes to marketing – “success is in the detail”. I’ve learnt that this is especially true for leaflet delivery campaigns. Today, I would like to take a few moments to discuss the finer details that have transformed our campaigns from average performers to heavy lifters in our marketing arsenal.